Tiffany Higa
Visual Designer


Embroidery project

I wanted to work on a new lettering project that didn't involve me having to spend much money. I decided on hand-embroidering because embroidery thread is pretty cheap, and I was sure I could easily find some scrap fabric somewhere in the house. Also, I used to do embroidering when I was younger. I figured, "Ok, this will be easy!" I was wrong. 


I started by drawing rough sketches of the words "Sew What," then traced over them with a brush pen so that I could see the weights of each letter. Then I vectored it in Illustrator and printed it.

That's when I realized I didn't know how I was going to get my design onto the fabric with enough detail to embroider over it. Apparently, I didn't think that far ahead when I started. Out of desperation, I tried looking through the fabric to trace over my design with pencil, but that didn't work at all. After a few other sad attempts, I ended up printing and cutting out my design using iron on transfer paper.


The embroidery process was very tedious. As I was out of practice, my precision was super off. The embroidery thread would never fail to get twisted and tangled, and if not that, I would accidentally thread through a knot getting the needle stuck and sometimes impossible to pull out. When that would happen, I'd have to cut the thread and undo a few stitches in order to tie a knot. 


Would I do this again? Probably.